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Kitchen Equipment Montreal

kitchen equipment montreal

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  • a city in southern Quebec province on the Saint Lawrence River; the largest city in Quebec and 2nd largest in Canada; the 2nd largest French-speaking city in the world

  • A port on the St. Lawrence River in Quebec, southeastern Canada; pop. 1,017,666. Founded in 1642, it was under French rule until 1763; almost two thirds of its present-day population are French-speaking. French name Montreal

  • Montreal is a commune just south of Carcassonne in the Aude department, a part of the ancient Languedoc province and the present-day Languedoc-Roussillon region in southern France.

  • Central Station (Gare Centrale) (IATA: YMY) is the major inter-city rail station and a major commuter rail hub in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 18 million rail passengers use the station every year.

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kitchen equipment montreal - Velox Tomato

Velox Tomato Press / Tomato Strainer - Made in Italy

Velox Tomato Press / Tomato Strainer - Made in Italy

The Velox Tomato Press removes seeds and peelings from tomatoes, leaving you with only the finest puree. the Tomatoe Press can also puree other fruits and vegetables through its durable stainless steel screen. The vacuum pressure base with lever holds firmly to your counter top with over 220 pounds of holding power and is made of natural rubber that is designed to resist age. This unit completely disassembles for easy cleaning and is dishwasher safe. It is made of a non toxic polypropylene that never stains, and comes complete with a matching bowl.

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I could not resist a visit to the blue and yellow big top of the Cirque du Soleil - it was their last show in Montreal that day I believe.

Some interesting facts about the "big top" and surroundings from their website:

* The Cirque du Soleil mobile "village" includes the Grand Chapiteau (Big Top), artistic tent, entrance tents, VIP tent, box office, kitchen, school, office trailers, warehouses and more.
* 180,000 square feet (4.2 Acres or 17,000 square meters) is needed to house the entire site including the tents and trailers.
* The artistic tent is 1,300 square feet (120 square meters) and houses areas for: wardrobe, warm up and training, physiotherapy and dressing rooms.
* It takes 11 days for more than 200 workers, including 100 hired locally, to complete a city to city transfer of the infrastructures.
* It takes 7 days to set up the site and all the infrastructures and it takes 2 days to completely tear it down.
* This represents at least 11 000 man hours which represents 5.5 years of work if one guy did it alone!
* An average of 55 tractor trailers are needed to carry more than 2 million pounds of equipment from city to city.
* Completely self-sufficient for electrical power, the site relies only on a local water supply and telecommunication facilities to support its infrastructure.
* The Grand Chapiteau measures 165 feet (50 meters) in diameter and is supported by four 82-foot-high (25 meters) steel masts.
* The Grand Chapiteau is comprised of 18 pieces of flame retardant vinyl canvas and is manufactured in Bordeaux, France by Voileries du Sud-Ouest, internationally renowned for their big tops.
* The climate-controlled Grand Chapiteau seats more than 2,500 people.
* The Big Top is held down by roughly 400 stakes, 5' (1.5 meters) nails.
* The cupola is 52 ft (16 meters) above the ground.
* The Big Top can support winds up to 75 miles/h (120 km/h).
* A Big Top lifespan is about ten years, depending on the conditions of use (storage, temperature and frequency of setup/tear-down).
* The Big Top infrastructure costs roughly $1.6 million. This does not include the stands or the other tents.

Montreal's Sainte Catherine Street: Atwater Terminus and Cabot Square.

Montreal's Sainte Catherine Street: Atwater Terminus and Cabot Square.

The intersection of Sainte Catherine Street and Atwater Avenue (which I somehow always thought was a "Road", not an "Avenue"), looking towards the Metro entrance at Atwater Terminus (though it doesn't lead directly to the Atwater Metro Station. It actually goes to the bottom level of Plaza Alexis-Nihon, through which you can access Atwater Metro). That Metro entrance structure is also pretty much a permanent homeless "apartment". Personally, I'd sooner cross Atwater and then Sainte Catherine to enter the main entrance of Plaza Alexis Nihon and then take the escalator inside Alexis Nihon down to the Metro level if I were you. Even if it's raining freezing rain outside.

You can also see Cabot Square Park and the Montreal Children's Hospital behind it.

kitchen equipment montreal

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